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How to Play Pokemon Go with a Drone

A young man in Massachusetts who duct-taped his phone to a DJI Phantom 3 in order to play Pokemon GO without leaving his backyard has been alternately called a genius and … Skaityti toliau

Dronestagram and National Geographic Select 2016’s Best Drone Photography

If you’re into aerial photography, you may have come across a website called Dronestagram. “Website” doesn’t quite do it justice actually.

Experiment proves future drones may not need batteries

On a single charge, the average consumer drone only nets about eight to 10 minutes of flight time. The solution is obvious: stuff a bigger battery into it.

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Amazon to test drone delivery in partnership with UK government

The experiment will look at drones carrying deliveries weighing 2.3kg (5lb) or less – which make up 90% of Amazon’s sales, a company spokeswoman said.

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Anti-Drone Net (video)

A startup hailing from rainy England may have come up with the coolest solution for when you might need to quickly take a drone down.

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Dronas prieš McLaren (video)

Dubajuje į kovą stojo sportinis kelių policijos „McLaren 650s“ ir bepilotė skraidyklė.

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Hands on with the Parrot Bebop 2 drone

After releasing the original Bebop drone last year, Parrot has unveiled its upgraded version, the Bebop 2. The new Bebop 2 has all the features you’d expect from a Parrot … Skaityti toliau

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Mini- ir mikro- dronų apžvalga

Mini- ir mikro- dronai yra labai madingi dėl savo itin kompaktiškų matmenų ir labai mažo svorio, jie leidžia skaridyti bet kur ir bet kuriuo metu. Be to, jie nėra brangūs, … Skaityti toliau

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Lietuvoje sukurtas dronas nebijantis slopinimo

Paskutiniais metais labai išpopuliarėjo lengvieji bepiločiai orlaiviai, kitaip dar vadinami dronais. Jų pritaikymas sparčiai plinta. Nenuostabu, kad atsiranda kompanijų, kurie ieško būdų kaip įtakoti svetimą droną. 2015 metų gegužės mėnesį … Skaityti toliau

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Europe’s biggest Kickstarter has gone bust after raising $3.6 million

After launching its crowdfunding campaign last November and raising more than £2.3 million ($3.6 million), Europe’s biggest Kickstarter campaign has told backers it’s shutting down. The Torquing Group originally billed … Skaityti toliau

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DJI announced a new geofencing system

DJI, the world leader in drone technology, Tuesday announced a new geofencing system featuring continually updated airspace information.Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) will provide DJI drone users with up-to-date guidance on … Skaityti toliau

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The future of drone videos, as seen by DJI

Tuesday DJI, the world’s largest drone maker, released a video showing its Phantom X Concept. The drone follows things, avoids obstacles and can sync with other drones to offer multiple … Skaityti toliau

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Как в 20 лет переехать в Китай, «заболеть» дронами и создать международный бизнес 

Как-то раз, запуская воздушного змея, я подумал о том, что неплохо было бы увидеть то, что «видит» змей — прикрепить к нему камеру и поснимать город с воздуха. Но змей … Skaityti toliau

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Как дроны превращаются в наркокурьеров

Начиная с 2012 года, люди используют дроны для перевоза контрабанды — будь то доставка килограммов героина из Мексики в США, или же попытка сбросить пакетики с наркотиками на тюремный двор. Результаты подобных … Skaityti toliau

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5 простых советов, как выбрать себе квадрокоптер

В последнее время все чаще можно услышать про новые варианты мультикоптеров, служащих для разных целей. И в любом Интернет-магазине, занимающимся продажей электроники, можно найти едва ли не сотни разных моделей … Skaityti toliau

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If You Watch One Video Of Robots Making A Rope Bridge Today, Make It This One

As we enter the next era of rope bridge construction we must ask ourselves “Who shall make the next rope bridge?” The researchers at ETH have the answer. Their solution, … Skaityti toliau

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Обзор Phantom 3 Standard

Phantom 3 Standard создан специально для начинающих пилотов и поддерживает ряд новых функций, которые делают его чрезвычайно простым в использовании.

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Qualcomm invests to solve one of drone industry’s biggest challenges

Most drones have a flight time of about 15-25 minutes, which means typical enterprise usage like mapping a large field or inspecting a spread-out area — think a pipeline or oil rig — is impractical.

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Drones Will Deliver Your Pizza, And Much Much More

Drones will deliver your pizza in the future. That was one of the tastiest takeaways from TechCrunch writer Frederic Lardinois‘ interview with Helen Greiner, the founder of drone maker CyPhy Works, … Skaityti toliau

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Equip any drone with Thermal Vision with Flir’s Vue Pro Camera

Flir made a big splash a couple years ago when it brought thermal imaging to the masses with the Flir One — an infrared camera case designed for smartphones. It … Skaityti toliau

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Lethal drones are the industry’s latest headache

Earlier this summer, a Connecticut man rigged a handgun to the top of an unmanned aircraft, posting a video of the device hovering in the woods and firing shots. The … Skaityti toliau

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